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Fat ebike cruiser

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Fat ebike cruiser

Fat ebike cruiser Allspark Fat ebike cruiser Allspark

The ultimate beach or urban cruiser bike. The vintage-inspired Fat ebike cruisers are super stylish, reliable and high-performing. There is no freedom like riding one of these babies! 

These Fat ebike cruisers from Allspark are known for their unique design, powerful motor and more than enough range to get you where you need to go. They are inspired by the Australian coastline, created to easily skip busy traffic and speed straight to the surf. Fat ebike cruiser bikes offer an incredibly smooth riding feel, freedom and lots of thrill. Once you jump on, you just want to keep going!

Benefits of the Fat e-bike cruiser 

The Fat ebike cruiser will impress with its powerful responsive 48v 500w motor, giving you maximum performance in every ride.

Compact, durable yet lightweight, Fat ebike cruiser rear drive electric bike is now better balanced with its rear mount motor & integrated battery allow it for a top off road speed of 50km/h

The New integrated battery is lightweight and designed to give a streamlined appearance. Kenda 26*4 Wide tires for a more comfortable ride and maximum speed. Quality branded components with LG 48v 13Ah Li battery pack with a mak range of 60km, shimano 7 speed gears and Tektro mechanical front and rear dual disc brakes for a maximum stop.

Experience maximum comfort and performance while taking on the urban landscape with the Fat Fetus 500w Ebike

The Fat Fetus 500w Ebike also has a powerful led headlight to help you see in the darkest of night, and a horn to help others notice you.

Take advantage of the high quality LCD screen to easily view your speed, distance traveled and remaining battery charge.

The Fat Fetus 500w Ebike can also easily climb a 35 degree slope allowing for a smooth, comfortable riding experience no matter what the terrain will bring.

Available in black and red

Product description


Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Fat ebike cruiser is for you.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 22, 2024

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Marietta Hermiston

I just received this bicycle and I really liked it, it comes almost mounted and I only needed 25 minutes to mount the handlebars, the pedals and the front fender and headlight. The assembly is very simple and the necessary tool for it comes. I just tried it a little bit and it works perfect, It has a good front light. I am delighted with this bicycle and with the delivery that has only taken 4 weeks from when I bought it to receive it at home.

Kennedy Mitchell

The quality is outstanding, great torq and speed. Very compact when folded. Heavy duty hydraulic brakes and ajustable shock absorbers. Long range too.Excellent purchase !

Cathy Ward

The bike is well built and the quality is outstanding. The motor is very strong (2000W) responsive and quiet. It can handle very steep gravel/grass/paved roads. The breaking system is very fast. The fork hydraulic shock absorbers and the seat shock absorber coupled with the fat tires make the ride very smooth.

Jayson Jakubowski

Awesome quality. better than expected. tried heavy snow- handles well. A little delay on trottle, but this is my first ebike, probably ok.
received in 4 weeks. well packed.
easy to assamble. comes with good quality toolset.
very satisfied with purchase!

Morris Willms

The bike is a great beast and very unusual in design