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LED eBike Helmet

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LED eBike Helmet

Embark on an exhilarating cycling journey with our state-of-the-art LED eBike Helmet – the epitome of safety and style! Meticulously crafted using in-mould shell construction that adheres to the stringent CE EN1078 and CPSC standards, this helmet is your unwavering guardian on every ride. Navigate the darkness confidently with the integrated lighting headlight, casting a brilliant beam that turns night into day. The warning flash taillight ensures you remain visible, guaranteeing your safety as you conquer the roads after sundown.

Tailored for the contemporary cyclist, our helmet is a marvel of convenience and comfort. The lightweight design and portable USB charging feature make your cycling escapades seamless, eliminating the need for constant battery replacements. Revel in a blissful ride with the removable insect-proof liner, soft chin pad, and adjustable tightness, all harmonizing to provide a customized and snug fit. Breathe easy with strategically placed multiple vents that optimize airflow, enhancing your overall riding experience.

Yet, the true marvel lies in the helmet's shockproof and impact-resistant shell. Engineered to endure the unexpected, it shields you from the unpredictabilities of the road. The taillight, with its four dynamic flash modes, isn't just a beacon of safety but an expressive element of your individuality. Elevate your cycling escapades with the pinnacle of LED eBike Helmet technology – where safety meets sophistication, and every ride is a statement. Ride with unbridled confidence, ride with unparalleled style!



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Customer Reviews

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Emmett O'Hara

very good quality

Emely Klein

Looks Great! makes me feel very safe.

Sebastian Volkman

In accordance with the description

Leonora Powlowski

Very satisfied

Else Mraz

Worn it once and it seems very good with both lights working better than expected! It is a little tight though, probably should have gone for the larger size