LED HD Portable Projector - Perfect for Home Cinema and Camping

LED HD Portable Projector

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LED HD Portable Projector

Looking for the ultimate home entertainment experience? Look no further than our LED HD Portable Projector! With its Full HD screen, you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows in stunning detail, all from the comfort of your own home.

This compact, all-in-one entertainment system is compatible with all your devices, making it the perfect companion for movie nights and Netflix binges. Plus, it's easy to take with you wherever you go, so you can enjoy a cinema experience no matter where you are!

LED HD Portable Projector Allspark

But that's not all! The LED HD Portable Projector boasts a built-in audio system that's sure to elevate your viewing experience to new heights. And with a projection range from 25.4 centimeters to 152.4 centimeters, you can enjoy your favorite content on any flat surface without losing quality.

The innovative controller, advanced heat dissipation fan with low noise, and projection distance of up to 200 centimeters make this projector a must-have for any home. And with its compatibility with most devices, you can enjoy a seamless viewing experience no matter what you're watching.

So why wait? Upgrade your home entertainment system today with the LED HD Portable Projector!

LED HD Portable Projector

Innovative design

Dimensions: 12.50 x 8.50 x 4.50 cm Net weight: 245 grams LED HD Portable Projector uses environmental protection ABS plastic Free of peculiar smells and eliminates industrial pollution Protect you and your family's health

Compact size

About as big as a smartphone Rich peripheral devices interfaces Portable charger, power, TF card, on/off ,CVBS 3-in-1 input, HDMI-compatible 3.5 mm headphone, USB

Easy to use

Next generation American Bridgelux LED light

LED HD Portable Projector uses the next generation American Bridgelux LED light Power consumption is 10 - 24 W Environmental protection & energy-saving, no harm to eyes Great for children's education and toys

Next generation American Bridgelux LED light Exquisite & realistic pictures

Advanced cooling system Advanced hydraulic axial fan Good heat dissipation, low noise Suitable for family entertainment

Adjustable picture resolution

Roller type focus adjustment,quick picture definition

On the fence about this LED HD Portable Projector? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 16, 2024

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Chad Bernhard

absolutely the best purchase i ever made.
buy it now
the kids had so much fun

Dario Skiles

Product simple perfect relative price of it, he's quality, he's all the connections it takes for all devices I use

Danika Eichmann

Arrived two week ahead of schedule, it is exactly the same product that is announced. And I liked the quality, for the price I paid.

Mae Turcotte

Good compact projector. Image is good even with a bit of light in the room. Speaker is surprisingly loud, for small spaces mostly.

Marilie Walter

Best investment! Very good! Works right and has Sound!!! At first I thought I didn't have it, but it was bad contact from my flash drive. You can put movies on the flash drive and put on it. I loved it. Ignore my curtain all messy